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Name:Real Life Puri: AU Community
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This is Prince of Tennis. A game based in present day Tokyo, Japan. This is a game in which your wildest dreams can come true. Pending those dreams are based in the here and now of course.

Here at [community profile] rlp we pride ourselves on being a SOL RPG. Here you are welcome to come and do whatever you wish to your characters! Within reason, of course. Do you think Yukimura would be a good astronaut? Inui a porn star? Maybe Shiraishi has always wanted, deep in his heart of hearts, to be a dog groomer? Here you can make them whatever you want them to be! Though, as this game is based off of the anime, we do insist on keeping characters as IC as possible, despite that!

The world is your playground. Make your characters famous. Make them the lowest of the low. Have them join the Yakuza or the police. Pro tennis players or doctors. House-husbands or playboys. The only real limits are the limits of your imagination.

We are an adult community, so we do have an age restriction, and that is simply because of the adult content that WILL be present here. We do not have limits on the type of adult content, aside from the obvious perma-death. So please be warned, the content here will be along the lines of adult themes, drama, sex and everything in between.

Please only join if you have the imagination to pull this off. The world is as it is now, so it is up to you, the mun, to create a convincing character and keep them happy.

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